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tv   Washington Journal Representative Tim Murphy  CSPAN  April 26, 2017 8:36am-9:07am EDT

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"washington journal" continues. host: republican congressman tim murphy is at our desk, advocate forward from a mental health treat -- advocate for reform in mental treatment. congressman, talk about the .mplementation of that law you called the mental health system in the u.s. broken. is it starting to beat that? guest: not yet, but we have an opportunity. we still have to put some funding in place and regulations need to be written. a number of important changes in how we handle family involvement restructurew we substance abuse, how grants are the foundation has been set, the mission has been put out, but now we need to put these things in place. host: you have talked about that though before, but helping
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families in the mental abuse act, it is a program that prints measurable outcomes to make it easier for caregivers to access treatment plans. decision ofhe assistant secretary for mental health and substance abuse. that last piece, the leadership component, the new assistant secretary for mental health and substance abuse, what is that job supposed to do? guest: we are alerted again and again by families and professionals across the country a sham.was that the kinds of things they were funding work feel good and anti-science and anti-said tactic -- and anti-psychiatric approaches. websites thats,
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cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, websites and crisis lines you could call if you are upset about the snow. i am not making this up. it was directed in the area of happiness and very much in denial that schizophrenia existed. host: this is the agency known as substance abuse and mental health administration. guest: that his rights. even along the lines were they said schizophrenia hallucination was a matter of a different way of thinking or experience. it's at the field back so far. i believe they caused damage and it maintained the stigma that we just have to consider a difference of perceptions. peopletion is, how many do not get help? entering this. of years -- and during these climbed, mentally
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go still put in prison, etc., and this agency was more focused on the right for people to be sick than to be well. it bot against this legislature -- it fought against legislation. i said, would you change anything after hearing this testimony about the misspent, tens and hundreds of millions of money, and they said no, they would not change a thing. said, let'scongress put someone in charge you will restructure this. let's advance the title to assistant secretary for mental health. they will be the wing person to the secretary of hhs to say, let's revise this and make sure families can get involved and change these laws and regulations. it is critical that anything we do, a person in charge of that has to do the right thing for leadership. host: and the term administration -- and the trump administration has selected someone to go about job and you have concerns with that person.
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guest: i have grave concerns. -- by title, it sounds good, but it is someone who is the chief medical director of an agency at the latest problems. after she left the agency, she published an article that said the number of things that they do not address the treatment needs. it focuses on its own effect -- definition of recovery. ,he questioned the function whether mental disorders even existed. she said that rates were getting worse. on mentaleeducation practitioners who are seen to be abuses, rather than work on treatment. she said other things. she said -- here is my problem, she was in charge. she was the chief medical
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officer at the time this abuse was taking place. while she was there, she did not speak up. let me explain why this is important. . a psychologist. people in the health care field have that the coke standards to it hereto and part of it is if you know one of your peers is mistreating a patient, we have an ethical obligation to speak up. i asked her in my office and said, were you aware that the things, hide was saying -- things that pamela hyde was saying, she said, yes. stuff they were the positionhting that the accountability wanted to have, working against our chiefation, she was the medical officer in mexico, why didn't you speak up question her response was i wanted to finish the two years in the contract. that is a serious concern. host: we are talking with tim
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murphy about this issue of mental health substance abuse policy in the united states. that special line we have in (202)-748-8003. you can start tiling in. otherwise, republicans, (202)-748-8001. democrats, (202)-748-8000. independents, (202)-748-8002. before we leave this topic of the nominee were that new position of assistant secretary for health and substance abuse, does she have support in congress? do think it will be confirmed? guest: i think people have no idea what they're talking about create if someone notes that this person wasn't charged and says, i am not taking responsibility for what i did, that person should not be there. would we tolerate someone in charge at a time when problems and scandals occurred within one
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of the branches of military? no. would we tolerate this anywhere else? no. they do not have a terrible scandals in the background. the issue is we need bold leadership. not someone who is subcommittee she did not have the courage to speak up. this is important because part of the problem is stigma. there are millions of families who know they are blocked from sharing and helping with their own center dot are -- with their own son or daughter because their right to be sick that we see right to help them. was part of that regime and she failed to speak up. to speak up. i consider that to be an incredibly serious problem. and senatepresident
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does not confirm that. she was there at the time she helped maintain, even by her absence of speaking up, and 20 we refer to is codependency or some concurrence and she was part of that and she does not deserve to be the secretary. host: i will get you some calls on that line with experience. darlene is up first in nevada, independent. can morning. caller: good morning. thank you for your time and comments. as an attorneyk for someone who is paranoid schizophrenic. the system is amazing. i came in knowing more than the psychiatrist he was supposed to be dealing with. they did not even have pdr's in their office. host: what is a pdr? a reference in terms of what psychiatric medications they can have. host: go ahead.
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caller: and i watched my poor brother, who is now 50 years old then back in the day, they did not have names for mental illness, so he did turn to substance abuse because before we started handing out at all like candy, methamphetamines were the only ring that made him not get towe could me to mental health programs. he is now on his strike and residing in prison. what is it you could possibly do to help make mental health services more accessible to people who are in prison so that they can come out better human beings and in actual control of their illness? guest: sadly, the majority of people in the state and fell in the prisons have mental illnesses.
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80% receive no treatment at all. many of them get medication but it is not monitored. crime and area waiting to review the competency and they may sit in a jail cell for 300 days waiting for and violation that was supposed to take place in the first seven days. it is a crime. this agency did nothing and elinore mccance-katz never spoke up and never stood up to the people within her agency. she should have said, there are changes of policies. there have been other psychiatrist and she did not. that is more reason why the senate should say, we are not confirming her. host: do you have someone in mind who should have been chosen? guest: there were others to consider and them happy considered those, but not her. there are tens and thousands in america. host: it has to be someone outside the agency? guest: i think that helps. one of the things that dr. katz told me, why does this agency
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had so many problems with grants? only 20% is accountability. host: and she told you in a congressional hearing? guest: no, she told me in my office with staff present. she said, there were not enough people at expertise. i said, what do you do? she said they hire agencies. i said, or do they get the experience? she said, they are former samhsa employees. this is what the president talked about draining the swamp. you cannot have people jumping one job and maintaining that level. host: in shreveport, louisiana, republican. good morning. caller: thank you very much. .y son is 28 years old he graduated from the university of new orleans and got addicted to aderholt -- adderall.
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completelyn meth, paranoid, he graduated in chemistry and was going to get his phd. we put him in the university health in shreveport, you louisiana -- shreveport, and they kept them for 12 hours and let him out. beat uphas beat me up, his brother. he is living with his father and we do not know what to do. guest: while all this was going on, how do you react if you hear the key federal agency that is passed with fixing this was sending out messages that people should get out there medication or schizophrenia does not exist we could fix it with fish oil or dancing?rpretive how do you feel about your taxpayer dollars going to in agency like that? caller: i think it is ridiculous. guest: i hope you and every other american rights of letter to the senator and the president
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of the united states that says, with chapo nor mccance -- withdraw elinore mccance-katz. it is setting us behind the field more than a decade. host: on the line with experience in the mental health system in indiana, brian, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i am an avid c-span watcher and this is a subject that touches my heart deeply. i have a brother who is 42 or for 42 years, there has been a thorn in my side. from the time he was 19 years old until he is now 56, and i have had -- he has been put on my plate because i have been the only one who was been able to deal with him. to hand to moment 100 times. he has been in every that house, or facility in
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indiana and it is a revolving door. my brother's last episode, he went in because he thought he did not feel right, they released him, he drove 100 miles to where he used to live, ended up getting arrested, and no one is telling me anything, but he ends up losing his eye. host: brian, what do you want done? what could help you? caller: well, group homes, there was no facilities in indiana whatsoever. guest: think of this, too, this is part of what sam said agent a agency was fighting. in this bill, we call for them to review and revise this regulation, so we would be able to have the compassionate
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communication and let you know what kind of medication was he on? when is his next appointment? maintain other areas of privacy. said -- samhsa spoke out against this and dr. katz was silence. in this field, if we see something wrong, we are obligated to speak up. ng. silence was damni when you describe the anguish and pain you belts, write your senators and say, to not vote for her and get her name off this list and get someone else in here. host: you expressed concern with this choice. there's this choice make you rethink the trump administration's commitment to mental health and substance abuse? guest: the president is passionate about this. i said yes to governor christie
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among his commission. host: to combat substance abuse? guest: yes. the president has this in his heart. he knows. i share his passion, but i do not know where he got the information on this nominee. he certainly was not talking to me or doing research. four years of investigation said this agency was a sham and need to be fixed. this is wrong for america. the face forp in people with mental illnesses across the country. host: in new york, an independent. caller: good morning. last name,ow your thank you for hosting. thank you, congressman murphy. i have seen you several times on "the washington journal." michael, you can
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find me on facebook, and today, i had a post, the sheriff, david clark of milwaukee county, had an inmate with schizophrenia guy after they -- with schizophrenia die after they deny can water for several days. this is reprehensible, but i live with my own mental challenges. i am not afraid to speak about it, but that is part of the problem. i graduated from cornell university. i was raped in the new york seminary. i have my masters of divinity iles from where you sit, and was a case manager for the mentally challenged individuals at wall street's trinity churches center. what we do not have is enough staff to listen. we do not have enough staff to
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work with individuals. we are overburdened and understaffed and under resourced. myself, here, with my own service dog, find constant disk termination -- five constant this culmination -- find constant discrimination. one ends up isolated and that is not good. guest: you are breaking up a great points. god bless you for advancing and showing people what mental illness can be productive. i go back to the point when you use the word stigma, that this agency of samhsa, dr. katz was the chief medical officer in charge, and during that time, more people ended up in prison, or people ended up with no treatment in prison and dying of substance abuse under her watch. she writes an article one year later the sizing them, which i think is one of the most dami
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ning things evolve that she did not speak up. ander you change of policy the have been other stuff that samhsa that did have the noble choice and she did not. she said she just wanted to wait out her contract and get their paychecks. host: pastor michael talked about not getting enough funding, i know in the end of the health care act, there was an effort to get more funding for mental health. explain that and will that translate into whatever next legislation comes down? guest: the 20% bill that was passed its million dollars a year through subsidies. the amendment that will be considered includes 15 billion to go over six years to be used for inpatient and outpatient care for mental illness. host: what happens now that it
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has been sidelined question mark guest: that will still be enacted amendment on the bill, but the issue is how we handle that. half the counties in america do not have social workers. the shortage is worse for people who are trained and licensed. --, i know the lord probably says, do not be angry, but how do we not be angry when we know this organization was wasting money that set the field back by telling people real?phrenia is not by spending $400,000 on a single on website -- on a sing a -- a sing along website read they would not acknowledge they were committing malpractice. host: what happened to samhsa's budget? guest: the budget will be there, but without accountability, the reason we created that position was to add accountability.
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the first person there should be bold and courageous, not someone who said they would rather have a paycheck than ethics and speak up on behalf of americans. i call upon people to write your senator and president to withdraw this person's name. she is the wrong person. host: a few minutes left with 10 murphy -- with tim murphy. he is the cochair there and on the energy of commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations. aldez is an illinois with experience in the mental health system. good morning. caller: good morning. dr. murphy, you picked a bad time to address this issue. i started the police work in california and retired for 23 years. a slide of mental health facilities that has continued through today and that did not think there is a good answer.
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difficult, extremely meaning the mental health field, recalled 51oor," 50's, when we get the dispatch call, we run as far away as we could from those forks count -- from those books, unfortunately. their hygiene was horrible and we did not know what to do with them. it has gotten much worse now and we do not have the money to address that problem now, and we have these unfortunate people wandering the streets and we have no place to put them. i do not know what you intend to do. guest: keep in mind, part of this was in 2015, washington post reported many people were killed in violent police encounters. most people with mental illness are not violence, but people who are not in treatment are 16 times more likely to be violent than someone in treatment. these are dangers that the addressgency to not
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while dr. katz was there. she chose to we do not meet and it is harmful to have somebody who says i was silent at the time. for familieseaders with incredible pain and the thousands of others and it should outrage us when this president wants to put leadership and wants to join the swamp to put an alligator in charge. this is not the thing to do. host: what did chris christie say to you? guest: he showed concerns. what governor christie is doing is bald, inclusive and compassionate leadership. he recognizes several things. federal laws that says you cannot put information in the chart that somebody has a substance abuse and doctors will mistakenly prescribing opioid and recognizes that we need more providers.
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we need more hospital beds for these folks. host: this nominee is the wrong choice? guest: i will leave the conversation quiet at this point. once people find out about her, as they agree. i pray that the senate does not overlook this. they will say that the person does not have terrible scandal, we will let them go through. it is wrong. host: would you testify? guesstimate i would hope so. guest: i would hope so. she said i chose to do nothing when somebody is suffering. michigan, tom, good morning. caller: john ingles is republican and shut down all of the facilities in michigan and you have people that are mentally ill being incarcerated with hardened criminals and they
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have no place to go and they walk industries saying i work for food. some of them are drug addicts and some are mentally ill. guysu watch tv, all of the who go off and shoot people and stuff, the first thing we find out is they were mentally ill. mentally illneeds facilities to take care of all of these people with diseases mental problems and nothing is being done about it. i have no faith in the republicans. guest: democrats and republican governors worked to close down those institutions. pennsylvania, they said progress is not progress. we have to have the facilities to treat people in need. what happens to those people in psychiatric crisis, the language in an emergency room and are back on the streets or in the county more or send it back to
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families and said we will not take what is going on. they were part of the legacy of closing them down and not having treatment and that is shameful. host: susan, independent. susan, are you with us? go ahead. you have to speak up. go ahead. i was wondering if you could tell us about michael welner. i had read it wonderful things about him and he seems to have the courage, the psychiatrist, a forensic psychiatrist. they: they were somebody were considering for the position and i think he would be a fine person. tens of thousands of psychiatrist and psychologist in america but tell the senate and president do not let it be eleanor katz.
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she is the wrong person and failed to speak up. host: congressman tim murphy. -- culture of congressional mental health caucus. up next, the debate of health care wage on capitol hill, congressional management foundation president bradford fitch will discuss options available for members of congress and their staff. we will be right back. announcer: sunday, april 30, joint "washington journal" for the crime for the exam to up students prepare for the advanced placement u.s. government and politics exam. -- highool teacher and school teachers will take your
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calls and review sample questions you might find. pretty calm there will be questions on the multiple-choice you do not know. don't blame your teacher. don't with the dry your shout out. -- the dry your shutout. do your best. if you do not know the answer, make it a good guest area keep writing. -- make a good gas -- make it a good guees and keep writing. >> go back to what you know a use context clues. and yourworked hard teachers have prepped you well. use context clues and problem solve. announcer: it is always fun and informative, join a sunday, april 30 at 9:30 a.m. eastern on "washington journal." a washingtona,"
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political salon, we talk with an author on his book about a group of intellectuals. we'll met regularly in the 1900s to debate politics and the future of the country. i think everybody, roos was not a salient issue for them. they cared about the rights of workers and it took homes in some of his opinion including other name -- a 1923 case which found for the first time that the mob donated criminal trial of blacks with a due clause -- do cause. int was a huge moment putting their criminal trials and a liberal agenda and the idea with race.


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